Your Message is the Most Important Part of Your Marketing…

…But most websites screw this up!

Don’t let your business’s unique benefits and positioning get lost with sloppy copy.

My website copy reviews will improve your messaging and help you connect with customers.

How Your Website Copy Review Works

You give me your URL. I’ll review your copy, then record a screencast showing me going through all of the changes I would make. I’ll also explain my reasoning for these changes so you understand how to improve your messaging in the future.

Here’s what I deliver:

  • A screencast of my going through your site and making changes
  • A screenshot of your revised website copy
  • A document explaining other suggestions I would make that could improve your brand’s messaging

Benefits of a Copy Review

  • Understand how others perceive your website’s messaging
  • Determine whether or not you’re actually targeting your desired audience (instead of thinking you’ve got it right but speaking to a completely different audience altogether)
  • Get fast tips and how to be more clear, position your product or service apart from your competition, and emotionally connect with your desired audience (thus increasing conversions)
  • Save money over having a complete copy overhaul (which I usually charge $1000+ to do)

Get Your Website’s Copy Reviewed

Who Am I?

I’m a digital marketing specialist and copywriter who’s spent years developing winning strategies for my clients. My copy and content have brought in millions of dollars in sales and grown businesses by 1000% over just a few months.

I love working with startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, but frankly, small gigs don’t pay the bills like working with my enterprise clients does. I wanted a way to keep helping smaller site owners, but most of them frankly couldn’t afford my $100/hour copywriting fees.

Then it hit me: I could offer brief, efficient screencast consultations in a way that would help small site owners (probably like you) improve their messaging. No longer was great copywriting reserved for the heavily funded – now anyone can get an experienced digital marketer and copywriter to help them improve website performance.

Plus, these video copy reviews would only take minutes to watch and absorb (perfect for very busy small site owners).

Want proof I know what I’m talking about? Check out my marketing blog for examples.

Website Copy Reviews

Will This Actually Help My Business?

Here’s what other website owners have said about my website copy reviews:

“Since implementing his copy I have definitely seen an improvement in conversions. I can’t quantify the numbers but I have steadily doubled in growth each month and this content is definitely responsible for converting more of the customers that land on my site. Matt’s review has also helped me to establish my “voice” as a brand. Listening to someone else’s perspective of what your business does has been really insightful and helped me to move forward, past the validation phase of my business.”

-Steve, The Whiskey Order

“Matthew was able to pick out aspects of my website to improve upon which I never would have noticed. The fact he made his recommendations on video so I was able to see the changes really helped.”

-Matt, Lawn Poolice

“Being able to work with someone that is trying to find out about us, and who is not trying to tell me what we are. Matt is extremely personable and easy to work with. That does not mean that Matt is a pushover! Matt takes pride in his work and will tell you what he thinks is the best for your business. I still work with Matt on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt Hall, take it.”

-Dave, Cranky Provo

“You helped a fledgling website owner/start up blogger get out on the web with an efficient website. Your video walkthrough is such a great help! I can always refer to it when I need ideas to update or change my website.”

-Scott, Sundial Fitness Club

“Matt simply ‘gets it.’ After just a few quick minutes of expressing my vision (which always includes content overload) Matt quickly identifies winning points, and is able to structure it in an intelligent manner, that makes sense to not only our team, but our customers too.

-Tanner, Apex Education

See Website Copy Reviews in Action:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Do More Than Just My Homepage?

The basic service only includes your homepage (which is the place most businesses seem to have the most trouble). However, I’ll do up to 5 website pages for my premium clients. Simply make your choice using the selection buttons below.

How Long Before I Get My Copy Review Back?

I try to be pretty quick with these, so a 24 hour turnaround isn’t out of the question. However, I can’t guarantee anything faster than two business days. If you’re in a rush, email, and we can probably work something out.

What if I Think Your Copy Review Sucks?

Sorry? I try to make sure my comments are informed, based on evergreen marketing principles as well as the latest digital marketing best practices.

But you may not agree with what I have to say. In that case, I’m sorry, and I’m happy to give your page a second look if you think I’m seriously off base. However, like any deliverable from a consultant, you may simply disagree with me. Because of this, I don’t offer any refunds. My fee is low enough that it won’t break the bank, and I can guarantee the suggestions I have will be useful and add insight to your messaging.

If I don’t think I can deliver a useful, practice messaging commentary, I simply won’t take your money. But if I do see an opportunity to improve how you tell your story, I’ll gladly review your website’s copy and help you connect with your customers.

What if I Love Your Review and Want to Hire You?

Awesome! I’m always open to working with new small business owners who meet the following criteria:

  • Doing at least $10k/month (or will be soon)
  • Willing to invest in their business
  • Eager to grow quickly (but willing to take advice from an experienced digital marketer)

As a “thank you” for getting a video copy review, I’ll deduct whatever you paid for your review when we arrange the fee for our first job together. Sound fair? Great!

Get Your Copy Review Started Today

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