“I’ll teach your employees how I grew multiple business by 1000% or more in just months!”

How would you like a $200/hour web marketing consultant feeding you the latest in online marketing strategies… for just $0.91/day?

Make your employees 20x more valuable through a new tool for small business owners!

Stop worrying about whether your employees are doing digital marketing right and start destroying your competition with strategies they won’t be using until next year!

Are you worried your online marketing, blogging, social media, or other online marketing strategy isn’t delivering the results it should?

You’re not alone. 84% of business owners are worried there will be a big change in how to do online marketing that they’ll miss, costing them big.

The scary thing?

They’re Right!

These changes can cost businesses sales, customers, and opportunities to grow. But if the people who are managing a company’s online marketing aren’t aware of these changes, your business will hurt!

The truth is, important online marketing changes occur all the time. Here are just a few of the changes to digital marketing in the last three months:

  • Which types of posts get the most reach on Facebook (this is a complete reversal from last year’s update!)
  • A crucial change that dramatically increased Facebook ad prices (for the better!)
  • A way to get more searchers to call your business… not just visit your website
  • The type of digital media top marketers say will be the key to success in 2015
  • A policy change that crippled many business’s Pinterest strategies
  • Updated local business strategies for a completely unexpected social network (no, not the one you’re thinking of!)
  • Updates to Google’s search algorithm that made some businesses disappear overnight
  • An improvement to a popular advertising platform (that all small business owners should get excited about)
  • A surprising way users have started responding to certain types of social media posts
  • A frightening realization about the future of “growth hacking” and why small operations who don’t follow a specific game plan should be worried
  • A cool new Instagram marketing trick that delivers hundreds of new followers overnight
  • New ranking factors that affect how visible your business is on Google
  • The future of public relations and digital marketing (and what you need to know now)
  • A complete shift in the way SEO is done (and how to future proof your website)
  • How digital content marketing budgets will skyrocket in 2015… and why that’s not a bad thing for small businesses
  • The ideal length of a blog post has increased… QUITE a bit!.. and search engine marketers are worried
  • An “insider’s” channel that experts predict will grow even more this year
  • The customer GOLDMINE most businesses are completely ignoring
  • A trick to find the most profitable niche in 2015

…And many more. Missing out on even ONE of those items could cost your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So how can you make sure your employees don’t miss a thing? It all comes down to a unique strategy I use that’s proven itself time and time again.

Smart Businesses Use These Strategies Before Their Competition

It was 2012, and the term “content marketing” wasn’t even on the radar for 99% of online marketers. But since I carefully reviewed dozens of blogs each month, I knew a huge change was about to happen for small and large businesses.

At the time, I was working with a health and wellness company that had relied on Google for its new customers. But when Google changes its rules, this source of customers disappeared OVERNIGHT. The company was panicked.

organic traffic drop

So what happened? Former employees they had paid to do search engine optimization (SEO) had tried to take shortcuts, using a short-term strategy. The company’s only source of new customers  was built on a shaky foundation. It was no surprise it collapsed.

To make things worse, interest in their product was declining. Not only did their organic traffic decrease due to Google’s Penguin update, overall search volume for their product was decreasing, too:

Screenshot 2015-06-08 13.47.05

They were in a lot of trouble. Fortunately, I joined their team just in time.

Thanks to my analysis of the market (and ability to see what’s coming), I developed a strategy that helped the company grow… even when other sites in its industry started dying by the dozens! Instead of losing more and more money every month, the company’s revenue started increasing for the first time in multiple quarters.

revenue increases

In fact, in just a few months, I was able to activate over 75,000 potential customers, expand sales for multiple product lines, and bring in an additional quarter-million dollars in revenue… all from the simple, easy-to replicate strategies I used before the competition caught on!

This proved my strategy of knowing what trends were coming and using that knowledge to beat the competition to the market.

The best thing about my strategy wasn’t how it grew my clients’ profits, nor how it basically guaranteed success…

No, here’s the best thing about my research intensive approach to online marketing: this allowed me to implement multi-pronged online marketing strategies that laid the foundation for long-lasting, sustainable online marketing campaigns!

This meant if one platform changed (for example, if Google suddenly updated its algorithm again), then my clients wouldn’t suddenly lose all of their traffic and potential customers.

This “future-proofed” my clients and virtually guaranteed growth!

Now I’d Like to Share My Research-Driven Insights Into What’s Next in Online Marketing With Your Employees!

Here’s a scary fact: 99% of what other small business owners are doing is too little too late.

  • Simply having a blog with a few posts per month used to be enough, but now everyone has a blog
  • Emailing your audience is harder than ever now that everyone else is doing it, too
  • And social media has never been more complicated or difficult to get right

A “me too” strategy for online marketing doesn’t work. 

Unfortunately, most employees (especially recent college grads) don’t know how to do much more than copy other sites and use stale techniques that are already on the way out.

But there’s good news! Your employees can easily learn how to use the most cutting edge, smart online marketing strategies – strategies your competition won’t be using for a year or more – giving your business an edge that will make other businesses in your industry jealous!

Through properly using the latest, leading edge strategies, small business owners can execute POWERFUL digital marketing strategies that have delivered ROIs of 200%. . . 500%. . . even 5000%!

If you’re worried about whether your employees are doing digital marketing right, then listen up, because this is crucial for you to know!

Introducing the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report

How To Make Sure Your Employees Use The Best, Most Up-To-Date Digital Marketing Best Strategies… In Just A Few Minutes Per Month!

1. Subscribe To The TL;DR Digital Marketing Report And Read This Month’s Issue

2. Get Actionable Insights, Strategies, Trends, And Other Digital Marketing Exclusives

3. Beat Your Competitors And Grow Your Business

Most business owners don’t have 40-50 hours per month to read all the digital marketing updates they need to know. . .

…And they definitely don’t want to waste money paying their employees to do this…

So I created the TL;DR Digital Marketing Report to deliver powerful, actionable summaries of what you need to know to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new report designed to help your employees stay current with what’s happening in digital marketing.

With the TL;DR Marketing Report, you’ll get the latest online marketing strategies to grow your business mailed right to your office. Better yet, it’ll be in a convenient print newsletter your employees can physically hold in their hands, annotate, and read at their leisure.

“Why’d You Name It The TL;DR Marketing Report?”

TL;DR means “Too Long; Didn’t Read!” That’s exactly how most small business owners and their employees feel about the hundreds of blogs, articles, and other important online marketing content that appears daily. With so much content, it’s easy to miss something important.

Since I’m a dedicated online marketing strategist, spend hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and discussing the world of online marketing each month. This means I can confidently tell your employees what’s coming, how to prepare, and what tools to use.

In each issue of the TL;DR Marketing Report, I distill the hundreds of hours I spend researching into a convenient report that teaches everything your employees need to know about online marketing this month:

  • Updates on the newest trends in the digital marketing world. I’ll share my insight (from hundreds of hours of research each month) into what’s next in digital marketing, helping you prepare NOW (usually at 12-15 months before these techniques “catch on” and go mainstream).
  • Detailed, step-by-step guides for the latest strategies ANYONE can follow. What good is know about a new strategy without being shown exactly how to do it? Since you’re too busy running your business, my guides walk you through every aspect of how you can put the latest strategies into action NOW. (You can even hand the issue of the Report to an intern, say “Go do this!” and still get a solid marketing performance! That’s how detailed and thorough my strategy guides are!)
  • Digital bonuses available on my website, www.tldr.report/members, where you can access subscriber-exclusive content. This means video walkthroughs, interviews, workbooks, and more with every issue.

My clients paid anywhere from $500-$6000 for my monthly strategies. And each time, I more than delivered.
Now I’ve figured out a way to help more small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups (like you) through publishing the TLDR Marketing Report.

Why The TL;DR Digital Marketing Report Is Offline
(Or, The Benefits Of Reading Print In The 21st Century)

The TL;DR Marketing Report is an offline (printed) document you’ll receive in the mail each month. I deliberately choose this format. It’s been proven that when you read on paper, your brain absorbs information differently… Information sinks a little deeper… Your brain starts to work overtime and give you inspiring ideas about your business… And you’ll often get insights to powerful business questions you’ve struggled with even while you’re reading something completely different… All because of the format you’re reading on!

This makes the information in my report even more valuable. Each issue is stuffed full of actionable news… suggestions… techniques… case studies… and strategies carefully crafted to improve your digital marketing performance the same day you apply them!

That’s the goal of my report: to help you devour each issue, find powerful insights into the smartest digital marketing strategies, put them into practice, and then make your monthly subscription price back many, many times over!

Powerful Summaries From The Top Online Marketing Sites

Each day, I read dozens of marketing blogs, communities, forums, and more to make sure I don’t miss any important updates. Here’s just a sampling of the sites I check daily:

Boost Blog Traffic
Brian Solis
Content Marketing Institute
Conversation Marketing
Crazy Egg
Convince and Convert
Getting Real (daily)
Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Blog
Jon Loomer Digital
Mailchimp Email Marketing
Marketing Profs
Occam’s Razor
Quick Sprout
Search Engine Watch
SEOmoz Daily
Signal vs. Noise
Signal vs. Noise

Inside Facebook
ABC Copywriting
Copywrite Matters
Men with Pens
The Ad Contrarian
Winsome Writing
Copy Hackers
Good Copy, Bad Copy
Ads of the World
Seth Godin
Blue Hat SEO
Niche Pursuits
The SEM Post
Triple SEO
The Smart Passive Income Blog
Bored Panda
Daring Fireball
Growth Hackers
Seer Interactive

When you subscribe to the TL;DR Marketing Report, you’ll get just the best information from each of these sites. Every issue of the Report summarizes exactly what you need to know from each of these sites. Then you’ll get a detailed, easy-to-follow guide of how to turn this information into more sales, conversions, and returning customers!

Wait! Before You Hit Subscribe…

You might be interested in subscribing to the report for your office – and I hope you are – but there’s something you should know before hitting that big red “subscribe” button.

I have some requirements for anyone interested in subscribing!

The TL;DR Marketing Report isn’t for everyone. Heck, it’s not even for most businesses.

You should not subscribe to the TL;DR Marketing Report if any of the following applies to you:

  • You aren’t willing to invest in your business. (Being a cheapskate doesn’t work in 2015.)
  • You are the kind of person who knows what you should be doing, but don’t actually ever implement it. (No “info product addicts,” please.)
  • You expect everything to give you overnight success and aren’t willing to give strategies time to work. (My strategies are about building a lasting business, something that takes time.)
  • You’re too busy complaining about why something won’t work than to actually try it and see. (No know-it-alls wanted, thanks.)

If any of these describe you, then I’m sorry, but this report simply isn’t for you or your employees.

For one, the TL;DR Marketing Report is expensive – much more expensive than many small business owners are willing to spend.

For another, I only want this report to go to people who will actually put my strategies into action. You have to promise to try these strategies if you subscribe.

But if you’ve reviewed these requirements and still want to subscribe, then read on.

How Much Does The TL;DR Marketing Report Cost?

Based on my market research, any marketing agency worth its salt would charge around $2391.00 per month for a report this comprehensive and research intensive.

Fortunately, offering this report as a convenient subscription allows me to offer it for a FRACTION of the normal price.

Let’s Recap:

When you try a subscription to The TLDR Marketing Report, I’ll send you the following every month:

  • Updates on the latest online marketing changes you need to know ($847.00 value!)
  • Step-by-step guides showing how to exploit these changes for profit ($1297.00 value)
  • Access to a free homepage or email copy review ($247.00 value!)

That includes updates like…

  • Key updates to Facebook, Google, Bing, and other Marketing Channels that could sink your business overnight… if you weren’t ready for them, that is!
  • Evergreen ideas for digital marketing strategies that have been proven to work time and time again.
  • Suggestions for monthly promotions.
  • A roadmap of the kinds of content you need to produce to attract new clients.
  • Email templates to build strong relationships with your audience.

That’s a total value of…

$2391.00 Of Profit-Boosting Insider Knowledge!

I’ve got the latest issue with your name on it and I’ll send it (and instructions on how to access secret bonuses) immediately when you say “YES” to a subscription to The TLDR Marketing Report within the next 7 days.

A subscription to The TLDR Marketing Report… and all the valuable benefits that go with it… is only $27.00/month.

That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only…


At a minimum, you’re probably paying your online marketing employees $10/hour (hopefully more). Since The TLDR Marketing Report will make your employees’ work potentially 20x more effective, there’s simply no excuse for not taking advantage of this. It’s within EVERY business’s budget.

In the unlikely event you decide you no longer wish to receive the report, you can cancel your subscription at any time… no hard feelings.

Here’s what you need to do right now:

Fill out the form below… and…

Get the benefits of a $200/hour online marketing consultant… And Subscribe to The TLDR Marketing Report Today!

Special Introductory Offer

My goal is to keep the subscriber count for the TL;DR Marketing Report small so this valuable information doesn’t become too common and spoil the head-start advantage for you and your business.

That’s why I’m increasing the price with every 10 subscribers.

The price is rising fast, so act NOW to lock in your monthly subscription rate for life!


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PS: Why not order right now, while this is in front of you? This expense is tax-deductible, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, I try to jam-pack each issue with great information, so there’s bound to be something in every report that will make it well worth the subscription.

PPS: I’ve had some people ask me, “If I’m so busy, when will I have time to read your monthly report?” Well, not to diminish the quality of information you’ll find in each issue, but have you ever heard the phrase “bathroom reading”? Each report takes hundreds of hours to research and write, but it’s written in a way that only takes a few “spare minutes” to read. I guarantee your “idle time” will be much more productive with the information you’ll get in each month’s report.